Eucharistic Living in SCCs , English-2

DIIPA Instructional Series for SCCs -2

We Are A Single People

Sharing Experience-9

Mr. Ravi sharing his experience

Good News by Fr. Bisu Benjamin

Ranchi Action Song-1

Basic Christian Community Christian Hindi Songs

We are One-Prayer Song

Khunti SCC-Action Song -2

लघु ख्रीस्तीय समुदाय-Scc prayer song

Khunti SCC-Action Song -2

Song at the colloquium for Bishops of India

Ranchi SCC-Action Song -2

Action Song for SCC programs-1

Action Song for scc program-2

Action Song for scc program-3

Action song for scc program-4

Action song for scc program -5

Action song for scc program-6

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